Publicated articles

Summaries of articles from Les Feuillets du GEMMSOR
(In order of ranking)

- Psychology of the patient, the effects felt on the soma, N. Bassett Varinard, 2002, Gene, 3 pages

- Evaluation of the function of flexor and extensor tendons in the hand, JC Rouzaud, 2002 Eva-A-2, 5 pages
- Assessment tests sensitive skin of the hand after peripheral nerve lesion, G. Orset, 2002, Eva-A-3, 7 pages

- Evaluation of a scar in physiotherapy, P. Ruelle, 2004 Eva-A-5, 6 pages
- Evaluation of reflex sympathetic dystrophy, A. Berthe, 2003 Eva-B-1, 5 pages

- The sequelae of fractures of the wrist, A. Berthe 2003, Trauma-A-1, 25 pages

- Instability lunocarpienne in tennis, Mr. Bhutan, 2005, Trauma-A-1, 6 pages

- Support Orthopedic sprains and dislocations of the proximal interphalangeal, S. Rouzaud, 2004, Trauma-A-6, 8 pages

- Records relating to the equipment, the rehabilitation after flexor tendon repair, MC Blancher et al. 2005, Trauma-B-1, 4 pages
- Orthopedic treatment of the burned hand, Th-Dias Garson, 2002, Trauma-D-3, 5 pages

- Clinical evaluation of Dupuytren's disease and therapeutic implications, C. Laffargue, 2004, Rum-D, 9 pages

- Physiotherapy treatment of trigger finger, G. Orset 2002, Quot-C, 3 pages

- Treatment of synovial cysts of the wrist splint dorsal compressive, N. Basset Varinard, 2005, Co-B, 3 pages

- The Hand of hemiplegic, Y. Allieu et al., 2006, Neuro-A, 14 pages.
- The apparatus of hemiplegic persons: do not be mistaken sensitivity, Arias JC, 2005, Neuro-A-1, 8 pages

- Traumatic peripheral nerve injuries at the hand and upper limb, JC The Flohr, 2006, Techno-C-2, 5 pages.
- The desensitization, R. Lasserre, 2005, Techno-D-1, 3 pages

- Flexible Orthotics, support the function (labor, maintenance, sports) OSAF., A. Berthe 2005, Orth-C-1, 5 pages

- Use gel "Scarban" in the treatment of scars, L. Vanhove, 2006, Orth-C-2, 5 pages