Humanitarian Commission

Commission's humanitarian GEMMSOR

- Structuring the commission and determine its goals (meeting expected in the year 2008).
- Provision of our media (magazine, website, conferences) to circulate ideas, support actions (eg Physio World).
- Share experiences of those who have gone on mission.
- Create a group of physios and OT's gemmsor motivated and available to participate in actions.
- Establish contacts with humanitarian organizations and associations and offer our specific skills in terms of training, rehabilitation and equipment of the upper limb.
- Search for direct partnerships with colleagues in developing countries, assess needs, share another physiotherapy.
- Find ideas for how to set up projects.
- Search for sponsors, funding partners, suppliers see (plastics, tools for making orthotics etc.)
- Organization of a day around the humanitarian gemmsor

- Calendars gemmsor / KDM 2006 (600.00 Euros profit donated in full to KDM)
- Diffusion in the rapid review of information on KDM and their items for sale
- Production and sale of the poster "Kamainsutra" in favor of the humanitarian commission.

Contact: Michael Bhutan, Space Main Aguilera Polyclinic, 64200 BIARRITZ
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Emai: @ m.boutan




The humanitarian commission was created within the GEMMSOR. The company already working in many European and international bodies. Isolated members will be able to find within this commission.
Indeed, many actions are done individually by some of us, in associations more or less known and important. Countries such as Morocco, Mauritania, Mongolia saw ... came multidisciplinary teams that included experts in hand. It is also in this spirit and to gather information that GEMMSOR went to 2 ° edition of humanitarian Pontoise 18 to May 20.

There were many small associations present at the event. They found not only invested in health agencies and logistics, but also in the developing world solidarity (trade and tourism fair, voluntary associations ... etc. .. After dialogue with several of them what is surprising is the see the small place for physiotherapy in the teams going on mission. The very idea of making party does not seem obvious because they do not come as a priority.

    Our profession is so misunderstood or do not we know the known? Certainly not in the world of hand. But in the humanitarian world outside "Handicap International" or "Kinés the world, few teams are enriched by physiotherapists. And yet do not we respond to the needs of associations in the areas infant, orthopedic, neurological ...?

     Today, humanitarian agencies have two main ways to work: confronting the emergency and / or development. The urgent need not always be on site during natural disasters like tsunami or earthquake. Similarly, development assistance is not always obliged to go through home stays of 6 months to 1 see 2 years. Short-term actions are already completed and some of us, presented to Congress GEM Paris last December, their experiences with surgical teams. Other physical therapists in medical teams were faced with less surgical treatment, even if the needs are still important. Indeed, it is difficult to envisage as a specialized hand therapists not to propose a specific action on it. Rehabilitation will also be seen in the whole of his profession to better meet local needs. Thus providing a physical therapist faces in his daily practice in small appliances can enhance the effectiveness of a team so small it is.

    The company (and thus more widely occupation) and the interest it can provide some aid groups after health has become more aware during the discussions in the pits for this event.

Yves Beyls